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Every May Homeowners flock to their local nurseries and garden centers to finally bring color and beauty back to their long baron landscapes.  Annuals seem to ‘Bring Spring’ after enduring months of winter.  Everyone has their favorite colors and varieties of these wonderfully blooming beauties.  With the numerous color choices for each variety along with the variations in height, variegation, and petal count, the choices are endless.  Keep in mind whether you are planting in shade, part shade, or full sun and of course don’t plant before the last frost of springtime.

Preparation of your planting area is a must.  Start with a good planting mix, find a fertilizer you prefer, and don’t forget to water.  We suggest using a fertilizer intended for flowering plants once a week. These fertilizers are designed to help your plants bloom longer and more frequent.  Dead heading your annuals is a must for some of the varieties.  This not only gets rid of the spent blossoms, but it help the plant continue to bloom.  And most importantly... Water, water, water.  Once summer hits you’ll only need a couple of hot days to destroy all your hard work. Potted plantings will require more attention, especially in the hotter months, then the ones planted in directly in ground.  Once established a quick shower in the morning will suffice.  


- Plants that flower for one season only.  The most common annuals, true annuals grow from seeds, flower, and produce there own seeds within the growing season. Some plants we consider to be annuals are considered to be perennials in other areas or zones.

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