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With LED technology these systems have become eco friendly as well as affordable to run .  With savings of approximately  of  60% over a traditional Halogen system.  We can change over your existing system to a LED system, saving you money on service calls and monthly electric bills.

Besides the obvious visual beauty of adding a low voltage lighting system to your property, there are other benefits as well. Most homeowners, once they light up their property, can never imagine  their homes dark again.  

- Safety and Security

   Having a low voltage lighting system helps illuminate areas that may be hazardous, such as steps or change in terrain.  They also help to deter thieves by eliminating dark areas.    

- Usability

   Landscape lighting extends the time you spend outdoors.  Your new outdoor living area becomes an enjoyable evening place to unwind and relax from the day.


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Take back the night.

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