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As one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers; the rose is a classic addition to any garden or landscape.  They vary in size and growth habit, from tree to shrub form.  The rose not only is appreciated for fragrance and beauty, but for medicinal purposes as well.  The roses we use today are typically hybrids.  These are more weather and pest resistant then the original old roses that date back to ancient times.

Roses may be grown in any good, well drained soil.  Compost or cow manure tilled into the soil for fertilizer is ideal, but the local nurseries carry lines of specialty rose fertilizers for you to choose from.  Even though the hybrid, nearly wild, and knock out varieties tolerate neglect, protection from the wind should be considered.


If you’re like most, after your landscape is planted you assume your bush trimming twice a year covers your shrub roses as well. This is not the case.  In the spring you or you gardener should cut back 1/3 of the size of the shrub and any branches that cross through the center.  To encourage flowering throughout the blooming season you’ll need to prune the spent flower heads from the rose.  A pair of gloves and hand pruners from the local hardware store is all you’ll need.  This is an easy task that you can do once a week and will really make a difference.  Simply cut at an angle about a quarter of an inch above the first leaflet with five leaves.  You’ll see some only have three leaves on the leaflet.  Make sure to take care not to cut yourself on any thorns.  Fertilizer can be applied to also help with the over all health and blooming of your rose.  There are many company’s that produce special rose fertilizers.  This is all about personal preference, they should have the same basic ingredients, its just which you prefer.  A regular fertilizer like ‘Miracle Grow’  can be used and then you can fertilize the surrounding plants at the same time as well.