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Boxwood Burning Bush: Burning Bush Forsythia: Japanese Barberry Crimson Pygmy Barberry:

- Deciduous or Evergreen the shrub is typically defined as a woody medium sized plant.  There are many structural styles of shrubs:  Flowering or not, creeping or weeping,  dense or wispy.  And we see these in our landscapes today. Below is just a small sample of some shrubs.


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Spirea Little Princess Spirea Lit’ Princess: Goldmound Spirea Spirea Goldmound: Goldflame Spirea Spirea Goldflame: Lilac Lilac: Densi Yew Hicks Yew Blue Star Juniper Andorra Juniper Spruce Chicago Luster Viburnum Mugo Pine Globe Arborvitae Viburnum: Densi Yew: Hicks Yew: Andorra Juniper: Blue Star Juniper: Mugo Pine: American Arborvitae: Spruce: Forsythia