Brick Care

Besides from the visual improvement, pressure cleaning your pavers, is an important part of maintaining your investment.   After a while we may forget just how beautiful our areas were before they became covered with dirt and debris. Your brick pavers are part of your home, and as a part of your home they must be maintained.

Before and after cleaning of brick paver patios

Determining the problem is key. What is causing the issue? Animals, tree roots, weeds, poorly installed sub-bases, and our areas freeze thaw cycle can cause many problems for your brick pavers. We can repair leaving walls, sinking steps, low spots, and any other issues that may have come about.

Repairing of pavers, retaining walls, steps and, pillars

After pressure cleaning it may be necessary to re-sand using polymeric jointing sand to help ensure the integrity of your pavers.  Pressure cleaning and proper brick care is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the original beauty of your landscape project.

Clean sand and seal brick paver patios